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Geared for the success of our Partners.

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Value of service comes first.

MTG provides our Partners with a smooth, intuitive, and transparent platform for their operation.

With default offerings such as commissions up to 85%, and zero fixed deductions in the first full week of operation after onboarding, few (if any) carriers offer the immediate and tangible value inherent to the platform offered at MTG.



No up-front onboarding costs, no deductions for it, just getting you on board so you can haul your loads.



 Partners run their first week with no fixed deductions.



Full, real-time, at the pump fuel discounts. Experience savings up to $0.15/Gal US Diesel across the U.S.



24/7 availability for you, and your team! We provide dedicated dispatch to your trucks to ensure success throughout this partnership!


Flatbed, Reefer, Dry Van

Partners have the ability to choose between Flatbed, Dry van, Reefer trailers during onboarding. What equipment you run is totally up to you.


Step 1:

MTG does not charge any upfront costs associated with onboarding our Partners. Simply complete your Online Application, and an MTG Onboarding Specialist will reach out to you to review details, explain our processes, and schedule a Drug & Alcohol Screening at a facility closest to you.

Step 2:

Once approved, your Onboarding Specialist will assess your needs with you (trailer, dispatching, plate issuance; etc.) and will begin to collect documentation for you, any drivers you may have, and your equipment.

Step 3:

After you have been added to Mutual Transportation Group's IRP and/or IFTA, the team at MTG will mail your Truck Binder, Fuel Card, Decals, ELD/Transponders; etc. via USPS Express Overnight.

Once received, you will be assigned to your Load Coordinator in preparation for dispatch.

Step 4:

Once under dispatch, all MTG Partners will run their first full-week free of regular fixed deductions. 

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At Mutual Transportation Group, we believe the road should go both ways and that our relationship with our Owner Operators is a valued partnership. In a world where the value and transparency that Motor Carrier’s serve to their contractors and drivers has decreased to all-time minimums, MTG strives to provide its Partners a platform that is fair, intuitive, and supportive of the Owner Operator’s everyday needs.